Happy New Year!

New Year. Ah... the feeling of starting afresh, resetting and confirming your goals, focusing on yourself and the year ahead, and stuffing your face with food. Nothing quite like it is there? How did you take your first steps into 2018? Mine was a casual and laid back affair. A wonderful home cooked three course … Continue reading Happy New Year!


The City

I've lived in a City for as long as my 27 years on the planet have allowed. Although I do have a genuine love of being in the countryside, complete with its pigs, sheep, horses, cows, cowpat, and afternoon tea in damp small crowded country coffee shops, I do love getting back into the City. … Continue reading The City

Shhh…it’s a secret…

Hey there you, blog adventurer! How is your March going? We've officially hit SPRING and I for one am so happy about this! I can now finally walk to work rather than take the car, the sun is shining for longer in the daytime, and we all know what spring means... BABY ANIMALS! Spring and … Continue reading Shhh…it’s a secret…

Well where the hell have I been?!

MARCH!? How is it March already? I'm not complaining, but how quickly does time fly when you're having fun? So, where have I been, what happened to my 'monthly' reviews I hear you ask? Well a whole lot has changed since I seen you last. Since my last review of 'The Forgetting Time', I've had … Continue reading Well where the hell have I been?!