You have a new Friend Request.

Happy Bank Holiday to you! We're very lucky across the UK this weekend, in that glorious sunny and hot weather has coincided with time off work - HURRAH!!!!!! It's a rare phenomenon that even the weather forecaster on the BBC couldnt believe she was announcing. I've got the windows to my house open, kids are … Continue reading You have a new Friend Request.


The Island

Hello Papyrus and Peppermint Readers! Finally, we're almost out of the Winter Chill! Here in the UK we had the 'beast from the east' and Storm Emma, which brought chilly temperatures, lots of snow and an excuse to wear huge scarves and hats! Now we're nearing Spring, I have daffodils growing in my garden, and … Continue reading The Island

Happy New Year!

New Year. Ah... the feeling of starting afresh, resetting and confirming your goals, focusing on yourself and the year ahead, and stuffing your face with food. Nothing quite like it is there? How did you take your first steps into 2018? Mine was a casual and laid back affair. A wonderful home cooked three course … Continue reading Happy New Year!

M is for May, and also for Maestra.

Well Hello to you there! Can you believe that we've just fallen into the beginning of June? Do you ever get that feeling of 'oh crap, what have I actually done this year?!'? Yep, me too! I have to say its taken me a very long time to find the breathing space in my mind to actually … Continue reading M is for May, and also for Maestra.

Shhh…it’s a secret…

Hey there you, blog adventurer! How is your March going? We've officially hit SPRING and I for one am so happy about this! I can now finally walk to work rather than take the car, the sun is shining for longer in the daytime, and we all know what spring means... BABY ANIMALS! Spring and … Continue reading Shhh…it’s a secret…