Welcome to Papyrus and Peppermint

Hi! My name is Emma and I have a real passion for the smell, texture and wonders of new books, and the calming, soothing and tantalising varieties of tea.

Here at Home in Yorkshire, when the weather is less than inviting, my favourite pasttime is to curl up in a blanket with a new book and a brew. A brand new world to lose yourself in, and a fabulous cup of tea to sip whilst you do so. It’s a form of therapy, and one well worth treating yourself to.

Here I will be posting my latest read, complete with full review, as well as telling you all about the tea I’ve been sipping and where you can get your own. I hope to encourage you to try new teas, be inspired by new books, but also to remind you to take time out for yourselves and do what you love.

My older reviews can be found at the bottom, newest in the header bar.


Emma. x